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Samsung Galaxy S5: Apps außer Gefecht setzen

Picking out a smartphone is hard enough—why risk having to replace it before you have to? A great case will help keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 in tip-top condition for as long as possible and might even give you a little extra functionality along the way. Buying a smartphone case is easy: you just need to pick the design, size, and style that best fits your needs.

Soft shell cases are excellent at adsorbing impact, and typically have a tackier finish than hard shell cases. Their squishy, tacky exterior makes it easier to grip your phone, reducing both damage from drops and the risk of having drops at all. Hard shell cellphone cases are designed with a brittle finish that either adsorbs impact or breaks upon impact—which is a good thing!

Sprint-exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport to focus on fitness

Dual-layer hard shell Samsung cases offer the most protection on the market. They contain both a layer of soft silicone to adsorb drops and a hard layer to eat up the rest of the impact. While they tend to be a little thicker, many users find the drop protection that they offer to be worth the extra size. Folding stands are a great way to watch movies or follow YouTube tutorials on your phone.

Look for bold prints and colours to accentuate your style, or choose a sleek and discreet solid colour to make your phone blend right in.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Active from AT&T

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The rounded corners of the phone have been "cut" off flat. It also has a distinctive outer shell which absorbs impacts. Additionally, the model number should be present on a white identification sticker behind the battery. The Galaxy S5 Active is available in several colors depending on the phone provider.

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